Improving Healthcare Outcomes with Technology & Management Solutions

An IT Assessment Drives Effective Organizational Planning



With the proliferation of IT Systems deployed within healthcare organizations to comply with Federal regulations such as HITECH, HIPAA and the ACA, it is important for healthcare CIOs and IT Managers to have a firm assessment of their IT assets. The IT Assessment is the foundation for managing risks, planning for the future, and enhancing organizational performance.

The IT Assessment shows vulnerabilities, risks, redundancies and opportunities for reuse as well as recommendations for improvements.  As a result of the IT Assessment, your organization receives an “As-Is” IT model of your environment. The IT model organizes your IT assets into a structured framework that provides healthcare executives with a clear picture of its current technologies which makes strategic planning easier.

As a result of the IT Assessment, your organization receive the following benefits:

  • A complete inventory of technologies assets
  • “As-Is” IT Model of your environment
  • Areas for potential cost savings
  • A clear picture of technologies relevant to your business programs
  • A foundation for IT Strategic Planning
  • Demonstrates IT System Needs and Benefits to Leadership

The IT Assessment will empower you to be more Strategic and produce Organizational Cost Savings and Greater Efficiencies.
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